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  • Juan Manuel Estrada,
  • Owner

Prestige Building
Maintenance Services

Prestige Building Maintenance Services (PBMS) provides Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties. We specialize in all areas of cleaning spanning small homes to large estates, medical offices, wineries, vacation rentals, and general commercial office buildings. We are a team of more than 40 people based out of Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties led by our hands-on owner/operator Juan Manuel Estrada.


  • People

Our employees are an extension of our family

  • Results

Consistency and quality are our hallmarks

  • Process

Our process assures that our customers come first

  • Improvement

Always looking for ways to look and be better


ProTeam® Backpack vacuums: ProTeam backpack vacuum cleaners are made to be the best in mobility, while staying easy on the user’s back, arms, lightweight, and ergonomic. Each comes with a long cord to give a maximum reach with each use.

Rubbermaid Commercial® Products: Microfiber color-coded are the standard for any healthcare or clinic facility. Products are made of recycled materials. Clean with confidence, it comes with research proving that Rubbermaid is a superior cleaning system. Our system can clean any facility and remove pathogens and organisms.

Rubbermaid Chemicals: Spartan Clean On The Go® Green Seal™ Certified. Spartan chemicals have the solutions for any facility, including clinics and hospitals-from disinfecting products to floor care and laundry.

Our employees: We wear our company’s logo shirts to easily identify us.

Employee Control: Swept® is the application designed for employees. Our customers can download it and it can help communicate any specific needs on a daily occurrence. Customers can send images with specific tasks to Prestige Building Maintenance Services staff. Our management team can see any messages or images as well as our cleaners.


Systematic inspections are conducted by Prestige Building Maintenance Services to ensure that all services are properly performed. To make certain that any problems are resolved promptly, your firm will relay any complaints to Prestige Building Maintenance Services via our application, email, or phone call.


Prestige Building Maintenance Services shall furnish all materials and equipment necessary to perform the services described in this contract with the exception of hand soap, towels, toilet tissue, seat covers, and any other consumables which are to be supplied by your firm who shall maintain an adequate supply of these products in the janitorial room of the building.

Prestige Building Maintenance Services has teamed up with local and national janitorial suppliers. This gives us the option to supply our clients with all their janitorial and office supplies at extremely competitive prices.


Prestige Building Maintenance Services, at its own cost and expense, carries its Comprehensive Liability Insurance as well as Workers Compensation insurance for the protection of our clients and our employees

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